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Landa Ventures is the investment arm of the Landa group, which identifies promising young technology companies that have potentially disruptive solutions and operate in large markets. Landa Ventures’ investment portfolio includes companies in fields that range from energy and imaging to personal care and satellite communications. Landa Ventures invests only in companies to which it can add value and typically plays an active role in helping them achieve their growth objectives.


Benny Landa, Chairman
Pioneer of digital printing at Indigo (acquired by HP in 2002), now at Landa, Benny continues his visionary pathway – pioneering futuristic nanotechnology applications in the fields of imaging, energy and health.
His vision for the future also includes investment in promising Israeli technologies, and philanthropic activities that enable underprivileged youth to gain access to higher education. Benny has a portfolio of over 800 patents worldwide and is the printing industry's and Israel's most prolific inventor. Recipient of numerous honors and awards, including the imaging industry's prestigious Edwin H. Land medal, he has also been awarded numerous lifetime achievement awards and honorary doctorates. Read More
Mimi Sela, CEO
Mimi Sela serves as CEO of Landa Ventures, Landa's investment arm, and as Managing Director of the Landa Fund. Prior to assuming these positions, she served a six-year term as Corporate Vice President Strategic Alliances at Indigo, responsible for the company's alliances strategy which culminated in its acquisition by Hewlett-Packard in 2002. Benny Landa recruited Mimi to Indigo in 1997 from MS Communications, a leading public relations company specializing in strategic business consulting for top-tier global businesses, where Mimi served as Founder Managing Partner.
Dov Ingber, CFO
Responsible for Landa Ventures’ financial management, Dov also provides financial advice to its portfolio companies, which are primarily early stage. Dov has participated in numerous venture capital funding transactions and in IPOs and serves on the boards of a number of Landa Ventures companies as well as other public and private companies. He has a degree in Economics and Accounting, and holds an MBA (majoring in financing and insurance) from Tel Aviv University. Dov has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1991 and has provided professional services in the area of Accounting, Auditing, Tax, and Wealth Management.
Empowers users to build 3D-HTML based websites for VR glasses, enabling easy control of the site using simple gestures and available equipment.
GenCell is a provider of power backup solutions. The company has developed a unique, green and cost-effective fuel cell technology suitable for extreme environments as well as urban surroundings.
Highcon digital cutting and creasing solutions replace the expensive and slow conventional die-making and setup process with a digital technology that bridges the gap between design creativity and production capability, creating new markets in packaging, commercial print products and 3D modeling.
HumanEyes has developed computer vision technologies that enable the capture and processing of 3D content for display, printing and virtual reality applications.
Xjet 3D develops and manufactures 3D metal printers that enable customers to produce 3D metal parts with unprecedented precision, speed and surface quality.
NovelSat produces satellite modems with cutting edge efficiency and resilience that boost satellite communication usage and profitability.
Specializes in functional printing with intelligent packaging and labeling solutions for food, consumer products and healthcare
Ripples™ is an innovative content marketing platform that offers the Food & Beverage, Hospitality and Event industries creative solutions for increasing customer engagement by printing directly on foam-topped drinks.
Kampalook offers personal care products in the field of hair color and hair care.
Kaizen is developing a disposable measuring device for breastfeeding, enabling mothers and health professional to accurately and naturally measure milk output.
Arroweye enables payment card issuers to offer their customers personalized, on-demand digital solutions.
Twine enables the digital creation of customized products for the textile industry. Twine’s systems digitally produce continuously dyed thread of any color, on-demand.
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